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well the surgery is over. i took my dad for a walk around the floor hes on. 1 day after surgery and hes walking again

he still didnt look too happy and all, so i had to spill the beans and tell him hes getting rims for his bmw...

"what? why? you dont have money for that....why would you do that when you have plans for your bmw????" of course i tell him because i want you to have something to look forward too after recovery. still my dad was like why no no ....pause....2 seconds after....."what size rims??" i laughed lol!

but yea thanks for the suggestions folks.
ill check out simplsy tires. most e90post are in the US...that will be last resort trying to keep it local.

aiming for best fit on stock height! i have yet to see lowering springs that arent bmw for the e90. my dad frowned upon 19 inches...

are your wheels 19 inches or 18 on your e92, stephanie?
R.I.P. E30
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