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My trucks (past and present)

how it all started

poster shot

lookin for snow

started off as an 81 chevy 3/4 ton, bought it for 900$, sold the deck off the back for 600 and put a 50$ box on it (got sick of having to tie down shovels), eventually put a 4" lift in it and beat the crap out of it untill last winter when i decided to retire it (rolled it a couple times offroad and figured i should start fresh)

over the last year i slowly assembled a 400hp 78 shortbox using quite a few parts from my 81, atm its sitting in teh back yard awaiting funds for some body work (fixing ALL the rust) and a driveshaft...

(random pic of me and some girl while a friend of mine got stuck)

then theres the old old not so old truck (suv)
bought it for cheap, fixed it up real nice, then had a bit of an accident

believe it or not it used to look like this: (minus the dent in the bumper because i fixed that the day before i crashed it) is offline   Reply With Quote