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you drive a pussy magnet, other non pussy magnets get jealous. but these non pussy magnets still want to show their ability to a large lion so they too can be in the sub group of the large lions.

what I can prescribe next time,

at a light with a ass hat, and they egg you on. tell them very polietly "Hey DICK HEAD!! 300HP I DONT EVEN WANT TO WASTE MY TIME WITH YOUR CRAP INFINITI" then proceed to blow his doors off. so your victim will then go home to his wife sad, and you go home with testosterone bulging down your veins and need a female release.

but if you so happen to get spanked by, WRX STI, EVO 10, S52 turbo E30, HPF M3 many more.

your no longer a lion but a shaved sheep.

"welcome to the jungle"
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