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What is it with a 335i?

first off, i'm a first time bmw owner and i came from a family of honda accords sedan. so as you can see i am a very subtle drive I usually stay at 120-125 km/hr. Also street racing is illegal and unsafe

what is it with the bmw 335i that every single car just wants to race with it. for the first time in my life i had about 4 cars who were trying to race with me. the first one was a buick it tried and i tried i was driving at 125km/h when the buick driver went side by side with me and asked me if i wanted to give my car a test kind of look. i was trying to ignore the driver but he kept on speeding up and slowing down and stayed on my side. so i said i will give is a go. i am only driving an AT with steptronic so i was just doing manual with this guy and i was hitting 160 with no freaking effort! what the heck i barely put any weight on the pedal and i just left the buick. second was the acura that guy was just insane i think he was 200 km/h and i didn't even bother. but the prick with an infinit q45 was dick head. he cuts me off out of nowhere then he went on my side then he cuts me off again. well i was thinking i only live once so i went to steptronic placed it on third gear, then i went way pass him and beat him the traffic light exit of the allen road and he can't even look me straight in the eye when i waited for him in the traffic light.

I don't know what is it with this bimmer. and I was thinking shit it's not even an M3 and thsi car is brining out the demon in me. mind you my car is all stock and no MODS but boy everytime i push that pedal i feel like i'm going to slip through the seat with so much torque and the breakign power is just amazing from 180 km/h to 80 km/h instantaneously.

i don't know if i will drive the beast again i'm just saying it bring out the demon in me.

once again street racing is illegal but boy it was freaking fun!

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