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I'm sorry, but excuse my ignorance if im missing something...

"Ya, him. I got my money back and still got the lights! LOL" Does this mean that both parties resolved the issue? The OP got his money back, and for some reason still has the seller's lights?

I agree with the OP that this shouldn't have happened in the first place, and it's sad to see a fellow max member try to screw another one over, if that was in fact the case. We do have our eyes open on these kinds of situations as this wouldn't be the first, and most likely not the last. We take this seriously, and take proper actions when necessary. It's a perminent ban for any users that attempt any kind of fraud on Maxbimmer, and we always suggest to users to involve the police if necessary...thankfully it didn't reach that point here. The OP made the proper call to make this thread as one should.

W2W, you should take my advice, and quit trying to be a keyboard warrior on here, and grow up. Making rude remarks, and jumping all over the site with useless, or unnecessary comments will only make your stay here much shorter. I understand you're trying to help this guy, but in all honesty, you're not. Calling the mods "fu**ing useless" is uncool, and normally that would mean an automatic ban for you just because of it being considered a "personal attack" and a complete disrespect to those that help this site be what it is today.
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