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Originally Posted by Deep 3.2TL View Post
I've been debating between a private versus a public one... In public - RioCan was the one that seemed most stable. In private, centurion apartment REIT.
I guess someone is selling Centurion to you, at 8%,thats quite a good return

Personally I like public REIT, for example RIOCAN, big box name rental, Walmart. Home depot Sears PetSmart, Shoppers drug mart, they still have to pay rent even the economy is slow,, you stilll get a good return plus growth rate will be better based on the daily volume traded.

Centurion with rental properties, bad economy and with job loss, rental vacancies will be high...

besides the 3 in the link ...look at Collaway, H$R

and as always do your DD...
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