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EDIT: I see your not running coilovers!

Lowering both side of the car the same will not change the preload of the sway bar BUT when you get in the car and change the height on the drivers side it will.

Preload on sway bars is easy to check BUT will be very hard to keep set, do to the changes in weight on a daily driven car.

Changing the amount of people in the car, baggage, fuel, etc. all will change the preload and the corner balance.

When we setup race cars it is with the driver inside, and approx amount of fuel that will be in the car. Then we setup preload on the bars to 0. Unless we want more pressure on a certain wheel. (tracks with more right or left turns)

If you don't have coilovers I can check your corner weights if you like. Most BMW's that have not been in a accident are usually pretty good.

We have alot of road race experience and most of our gained time is from suspension setup (some cars in the sub 1min26 time at Mosport).

Poly bushings will tighten up the car in the turns and are a good idea.


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