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Originally Posted by JPTN View Post
You should almost (never) need a flash for something stationary.
i.e. real estate, architecture

Most real estate photos aren't printed beyond 4x6 so 6.1MP is more than enough. Online, it's even less.

If the object is inanimate and not moving, you shouldn't use a flash. If you can't hand-hold due to the lack of light, get a tripod or a monopod. I picked up an excellent monopod from FactoryDirect for $20.

My real estate photography work was with
Yes, but for a real estate agent on the move, it might not be practical to have a tripod all the time.

Anyhoo - I wouldn't buy this just for my work, I'd end up using it personally, where the lowlight sensor would come in mighty handy.

Now to upgrade my D80....
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