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Originally Posted by theblue View Post
you have a street car so it probably doesn't matter enough. I would first so a visual check to see if you have preloading. If you do then you can get adjustable end links to remove it if you want.

It's not a matter of good or bad, it's just different. If you have some preloading, you might like the extra "horizontal spring rate" that you're getting.
Thanks for the info.. It's the visual check I'd like to know more about. Is it just a matter of lowering the car and then "dialing out" the adjustable link until there is no pressure on the sway bar @ rest? How do I see a "load" on the sway bar to tell if it's pre-loaded? Considering the work I've done to this and other cars, seems like I should know this answer..... but never looked @ sway bar loading before.....Should the sway bars be "loose" when it's normally @ rest (on the wheels; not jacked)? DOn't mind spending the $$$, but I'm not one to spend $$$ just to say I dit it.....
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