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Wink Swaybar pre-loading; questions

I have a '04 330Xi that I've lowered using Bilstein Sport Struts and shocks and H&R springs. The Question; been reading alot in regards to front swaybar pre-loading and from what I've read, lowering the car adds pre-loading to the front swaybar + that I should remove the pre-loading to get the best handling on the car..... Found some Adjustable Swaybar links @ TMS (not on website yet, but confirmed they have have them this morning)..... IS this a worthwhile investment? Will I notice the difference and finally, how do I go about setting up the adjustable links to remove the pre-loading while maintaining equal corner weighting to the front tires. HOw can I check corner weights without a costly Corner Balancing......

Anyone know of a shop that does corner balancing (not sure if necessary) and cost(s)?
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