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My father's post surgery present.

My dad is having his prostate removed (cancer...) and is extremely bummed out about it. Also at the fact that the E90 is just going to be sitting for a several months.

He is always talking about getting rims for the car but says he doubt he will be able when he recovers.

Recovery time is ~3 months...just in time for spring!

Crazy idea I had was buy him a set of rims so he has something to look forward too and be happy about (also motivation to get better faster :p )

Anyway point of thread....
I know nothing about E90 wheels/rims, so just wondering what rim options I have! AFAIK, he's been looking into M3 rims or something spoked out (or 5 spoke at least).
its a daily driver, 18" would be nice...or 19"s...non staggered setup as my dad won't be into all the offset this and spacer that etc.

replica's would be ideal ($$$)

Please shoot some suggestions!

R.I.P. E30

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