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Originally Posted by europrince View Post
I apologize if you didn't find my comment fruitful. No 5 or 7 series owner I know changes his own oil. He doesn't have time for it. When I first got my 540, I had a good relationship with a dealership service advisor who reset my computer for less than 5 minutes. RMP will have you in and out of an oil change within half an hour. Oil Changers gets you in and out within 5-10 minutes, and I believe they reset computers as well. I don't know for a fact, as I started going there after I sold the 540. That's a lot faster than going to whatever store shop at for oil and filters, bring it home, lift your car and do the change yourself...then try to figure out how to reset the computer. You're exactly right. Time is more valuable than money
I do my oil change for convenience, I have the extrator where I pump the oil out and since the oil filter is on top, no need to jack it up.

If my car is in for repair work (i.e: suspension part or electronic issues) then I ask them to do oil change, etc while car is there
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