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Originally Posted by W2WDETAILING View Post
exactly vehilce clay has different properties then art store clay. riccardo is a great clay! im a big meguiars guy and your right the products at canadiantire are way overpriced. i would like to se the results of your test of different claybars on a body panel you wont really get any marring unless your using an agressive clay compared to a regular clay if your going to be comparing regular clays your not going to see any visable differences
I'll do my best to get the clay test together. It will probably happen in the spring.

Meguiars have been putting out some really nice products. They're clay is great as is their polishes m105 and m205.

In terms of marring, a car will benefit from a light polish be it in the form of a paint cleanse by machine, sealant or wax application by machine or the more labour intensive one step and multi step polish. Black cars benefits from this the most as we all know black cars show everything. Again depending on the aggressiveness of the clay marring levels change and as such so does the solution to remove them.
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