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Originally Posted by craz azn View Post
Haha nice score! Yes sir, it's an old Callaway system, but I only have the manifold and turbo, none of the other bits. It's fine, because I plan on running a FMIC anyways, and the original setup wasn't designed that way with the charge pipes running across the top of the engine bay. Oh yeah, I've also got a 2.5 inch downpipe for mine, but I want to make a new one in 3". Are you planning to install yours?
Ya I'm planning on installing mine in the spring/summer, but unsure if I want it in my e21. I've been yearning for an 2002 for some time now, but will see come spring though. The problem is that I have a slight hairline crack on the exhaust manifold. I want to do a FMIC also, although the setup does look good w/ the earlier intake manifold. But performance would be alot better w/ some upgrades

BTW will you be selling the down pipe after you fab up your 3"? Let me know if you plan on letting it go.

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