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Originally Posted by 740-iLL View Post
That could have been me. I am constantly in and around the Mississauga Rd area as my brother lives there.

Pics look great. I really like the wheels. What type of AE's did you get? and did you have them coded so that the parking lights are NOT on when they are on? or was it all done before your purchase?
Haha quite possible it was you then

I have the CCFL ones which I got from an importer of AEs in GTA. I did the intall myself. There is a way to shut the DRLs. You need to hook it up with Car Soft Software. After that in the fuse box in the engine bay, there is a live DRL wire that has power regardless to the DRL delete. I gave it power from there. So my AE comes on like DRLs. . I can hook it up for you in the summer.

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