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Originally Posted by black bnr32 View Post
Sorry Jon, I have to correct you. The new HKS set up is not an improvement in the illusive "best of both worlds" search. It is very, very similar to the outgoing Rotrex set up and should be known to put out very, very similar performance. I mean, you've installed both so I'm kind of confused on why you think this, no offense!

That said, the kit seems to be top notch!

OP: An aftercooled centrifugal supercharger set up will be just as complex as a turbo set up. A twin screw set up *should* be simpler (I haven't owned one).
No offense taken,

Your conclusion is based off of what information I have to ask...? They are known to put out similar peak #'s in kit form, driving wise the HKS is known for more low-midrange power which will carry up top. That is how I got to my answer, although the flow charts seem the same...when going to a stage 2 unit the HKS based car will outperform the rotrex. I havent tested back to back on the track (or driven any on the track for that matter), but this is comming from the engineer at Active. For a street car, the HKS will be a much better choice. Remember, 90% of the people buying these products daily drive their car...given my statement, what would you choose? Either choice does not make one or the other right or wrong as this whole FI world comes down to personal preference. One thing you are forgetting is beyond what is offered now as a kit and can be attained in the future. I am on the fence about throwing away my vortech based kits I I can spin the HKS double the speed of the vortech I use.


I never questioned the possibility of running without said items but why? The only other one I know running a heavier setup than yourself would be Tommy, and was running a non vanos setup (then again the rods are huge compared to M3 and can handle more stress over a longer time). I would run the oil cooler on any FI setup, for the same reasons BMW incorporated it into any factory NA car made for performance driving - not for liability, but for long term durability. Again, there is no argument as to what should be done. Then again, with your engine setup you are increasing your engine output by ~50%...opposed to my statement based on almost 100% increase in power.

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