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Originally Posted by Italia311 View Post
I search forum but I cannot find anything about it.

Rear brake pads. Was quoted by BMW 475+ taxes for the rear. He told me its just the pads. Tech never mentioned I needed rotors I am wondering why it is so much?

I am thinking of just ordering the pads myself and having my uncle do the job at his shop. I am looking online for parts and it doesn't come close to that price (Obviously the labour is factored in to that price above)

Having said that, any thoughts? Is there something really special about getting it done at BMW? Some special configuration or is a straight up change like every car? Any recommendations on shops or places to get parts?

Appreciate the help.
The price sounds a bit steep. the dealership should have package pricing on all models. nothing special except you get a proper brake service done - hopefully not just slapping a set of pads in and the way you go. the pricing sounds more like full rear brakes. Rotors, pads, and sensor. I wouldn't recommend just replacing pads. If the factory bmw rotors are on it and they are still good then its ok. But time again I've seen tech's change both because often customers complain that something is wrong. Tech's don't need or want the hassle so they simply change both. especially if there are aftermarket rotors already on the car.

but you haven't mentioned which model car we are speaking of? this is reflective of the price.

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