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Originally Posted by Steve30 View Post
If tracking the car is your biggest concern then I would say go with the twin screw because its strong point is low to mid range torque.
Tracked cars do not need 'low to mid range torque'. Quite the opposite.

Originally Posted by Jon@Bimmersport View Post
If your dedicated track, NA only...if occasional..then anyway you go, better water cooling and OIL cooling is an absolute necessity especially for turbo (considering the S/C uses an independent oil system with cooler). Theres a lot of things to going FI people dont get, it doesnt stop at the S/C kit. Oil coolers, better higher flow/capacity cooling systems, clutches etc are all needed when stuffing double the power your engine was designed to make (or in other words - double stress, and more heat).
It really depends on what you end up doing, and what you want out of it. I've been tracking my e36 (3.2L OBD1 conversion with RMS Stage 1 kit) for a few years now and it runs fine. Certainly the power drops off as the heat sets in on the track - since Stage 1 does not have an intercooler or injection. I don't run an oil cooler (the Vortec S/C uses the engine oil) - but I do use good oil and change it often. I ran the original rad until quite recently (a bent fan-blade took it out last Sept and Mosport). I also installed the e34 M5 clutch with a light-weight flywheel from UUC.

MarkD tuned the motor, so I am already running rich enough to avoid detonating the motor at the track. However, I am toying with the idea of alcohol injection to help with the heat-soak (which is only apparent on the track).
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