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Originally Posted by Jon@Bimmersport View Post
The most impressive is the NEW HKS based S/C kit from AA...we just finished a Level 2 on an MZ3 and it is the best of both worlds (power of a turbo, drivability of an S/C setup)
Sorry Jon, I have to correct you. The new HKS set up is not an improvement in the illusive "best of both worlds" search. It is very, very similar to the outgoing Rotrex set up and should be known to put out very, very similar performance. I mean, you've installed both so I'm kind of confused on why you think this, no offense!

That said, the kit seems to be top notch!

OP: An aftercooled centrifugal supercharger set up will be just as complex as a turbo set up. A twin screw set up *should* be simpler (I haven't owned one).

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