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I have the same criticism with the waiting time. (this was last year.) The wait time was way too long, especially when I had other appointments to make (which I didn't end up getting too, and lost more money than the servicing was worth). The part that bothered me was I called before I left work to ensure that everything would be OK for my appointment. They said "ya ya, come on down." So I did. Would've been nice if they told me I'd be delayed a few hours, or if I want to rebook for another day. At least if I got a call to let me know they're running behind schedule. I saw they have a lot of cars to work on, but it seemed they were rushing the work (including my car) to get on to the next one.

Other than that, I have no complaints. The car hasn't needed servicing since, so I haven't been back to see if this was a one-time deal, or if it's always like that.
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