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Originally Posted by jeffrie View Post
No I dislike Audi's as well for the same reason as I dislike 5vers, just less of a fault IMO with them as their quattro is damn great as is their chasis (ty for improving my vocabulary).

Cost to own IMO is worthless with an Audi as it really does break the bank to keep (as my bro called them "the christmas tree lights") off. I'd only get one with the Jay route with his lease scenario, the S5 is damn sexy.
Sorry Jeff, but I'm still really confused by this. You dislike the 5 series, and Audi's because you can't afford them, but then at the same time you would be willing to spend 5 times as much and lease a new car? That just doesn't make sense. I could understand if you were to do it because you didn't want the hassle of having to work on the car, but the monetary reasons just don't add up. How much did it cost you to run your 5er? was it more than a lease?

and just for curiosity sake, does that mean you dislike any car that is high maintenance?
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