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Originally posted by windsor318is
you want more performance right? well why dont you save your money and get a performance upgrade(turbo,blower). this would offset the extra wait on the 4 corners. in my opinion your going backwards getting 17", not forwards with your car. i think of it this way your wasting 2g's (plus the price differents of what you sell the 19" for and what you paid for them), just to loose wait? save your money dude

my 2 cents
Well, I apreciate your opinion, but my car will never get blown (forced induction), I'm a big fan of letting the car suck it's own air in. Performance isn't only how fast a car will accelerate and horsepower numbers.

The extra weight on the wheels don't only affect the acceleration. If anything the extra 15lbs or so per corner affects the handling (more unsprung weight). And it also affects braking to a point. Also with the extra 15lbs of weight, the weight get pushed farther to the edge of the wheel (larger rim diameter), which if you know anything about physics will make the wheel harder to start and stop compared to a smaller diameter wheel of equal weight.

These wheels will cost me very little money, if any, by the time I sell my current wheels, so I don't see how I'm losing money. Plus the rims came with the car when I bought it.

I don't think I'm going backwards with 17's, if anything I'm going forwards...faster.
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