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Prospect buyer

Hey guys. Let me introduce myself. I'm Andre and my "daily" ride (weather permitting) would be a Suzuki sv650 with quite a few mods thrown in. Mostly handling tweaks, the engine is torquey enough. My winter beater died the other day and I will not dump another thousand or so in a car that's worth less than that.
So I was looking at something like this.

Many years ago I owned a 1988 325. The most fun car I ever kissed a girl in. Since then I had to compromise but now I feel like I need to get back to my roots. I'll be honest with you, the E60/61 looks good. But not as good as the E39. But other than looks and specs I don't know much about reliability or how well these cars are aging in Canada. Unfortunately my budget needs to stay around 5ooo, so I was looking at that car.
Any suggestions? Things to look for? I know the guys from that dealership (been buying their cars for quite a few years now) and I trust them to give me a fair price on it, but they are not a BMW dealer.
Thanks for your help and sorry for the wordy post.
Thanks again.

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