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Not much progress lately. Got a Turbo drain fitting on the block if I haven't mentioned that already, will get a pic of that soontimes.

Got the Turbo manifold painted along with the exhaust housing of the turbulator... painted and baked, ready for action. I wonder how long this paint will last

Also mounted up one of my old RA1s onto the rims to be used on the car. Holy damn, still intrigues me how much wider R Comps are compared to regular street tires... or unless Falken street tires run really, really narrow lol.

Also came across another problem. Using the original 4 piston calipers is now out of the question due to poor rim clearance, I guess that is what I get for trying to run with such silly rims with huge lips. The new plan for brakes is E36 components up front, while E36 calipers and VW rotors will occupy the rear end.

Yea, I'll try to resize those for next time,

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