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That's right, but read this section:

Every police officer and every officer appointed for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of this Act may require the driver of any motor vehicle or motor assisted bicycle to stop, move the vehicle to a safe location as directed by the police officer or officer and submit the vehicle, together with its equipment and any vehicle drawn by it, to the examinations and tests that the police officer or officer may consider expedient. 1999, c. 12, Sched. R, s. 14.

Basically an officer has the power to remove a vehicle from the road any vehicle he/she deems contravenes the Act or regulations. If they know you need DRL for safety (they do) then this applies.

Whether they *will* apply it or not, I'm not sure, since turning off DRL is not a common thing. If you do it so you can run your angel eyes in the daytime, then your vehicle still complies with safety standards (for the most part) so you should be safe.
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