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well the coolant in the pulleys can be explained as also just changed the upper and lower rad hoses and retighten the coolant expansion tank hose bc i had a leak in the system. coolant spilled and got inside the pulleys. i tried to clean it as much as i could but there were some fluid within the tracks. i figure it will evaporate when the car is on and was no big deal. prior to changing the alternator the car had no noices. i marked the running mark for the belt and took it off by removing two pulleys. it was pretty touugh to get the belt back on but its in there pretty tight. the car starts with a whistling noice barely noticeable and gets a little louder but at a higher picht as u accelerate. sometimes you hear some rattling. I put some belt dressing and the noices seemed to disappear. after driving the car around the block the noices and rattling come back.

I guess it could be the pulleys but what bothers me is that the car was not making any noices prior to removal of the belt. I think it is the stock one so a new belt is probably required. Does anyone has a DIY for checking the water pump. I am not sure if it has been replaced or not and I would like to check its condition.

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