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Originally Posted by europrince View Post
The D90 came out in August 2008. A Best Buy rep told me that Nikon's entry level life cycle is one year and mid level is about 18 months or so. That would make it due for replacement now, even though no press releases have come out yet.

I'm looking at buying my first DSLR some time this year. There is no urgency and the timing may depend on what info I can dig up online about replacement for current models. I'm leaning towards a D90 package with a 55-200.
Dude - you think a BEST BUY rep has ANY idea about higher end DSLR market? Yea right...

The D90 has the latest sensor in there - there's nothing to replace it with. The D40 and D60 had the old sensor, hence the release of the D3000 and D5000.

The D90's here for a while.

For your own personal use, get the D90 with either the 18-200 if you want to reach or an 18-105. Once you use one of these consistently for 6 months or so, you can use software to figure out where you take most of your pics - then you can spend money on some high end glass in prime lenses.

To the OP - Having first hand experience with it - DO IT... It's soooo beautiful taking low light images at ISO3200 with NO NOISE... I need to upgrade my D80... I'm headed more towards a D300 though - Full frame is just too expensive...

NAS will get you!! (Nikon Aquisition Syndrome)

I went from a D60, to a D80. Went from a kit lens of 18-135 to 20 2.8, 50 1.8, 80-200 2.8, 60 2.8 Macro, and a 35-70... This shit ain't cheap!
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