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Originally posted by GR8 Ride
A 17x9 is pretty wide for the front of an E36, especially when you start to drop the car. Could be looking at fender rolling to get it to fit.
I don't plan on going 17x9" on the front, it'd never fit with my coilovers, I'd need like 20mm spacers, which would push the wheel heavily into the fender, which are already rolled.

If I was to go staggared (which I doubt), it'd just be the 8" on the front and the 9" on the rear.

But for balanced handling I guess a non-staggarded setup would be best, unless I was to run the 8" front and 9" rear with 245 wide tires all around....just to have the wider lip on the rear for looks.

Also Rob, the 19's are helping to pay for the 17's, I don't have enough cash to blow on wheels at the moment to justify two sets of wheels laying around (plus the set of 15"s to store the car on). Keeping the 19's is not an option.
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