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Originally Posted by Deep 3.2TL View Post
this means you multiply the mm by that number. So when you talk about a traditional camera versus digital, the mm's are not the same. IE 50mm is said to give you the truest picture for portraits. With digital, that's a 35mm lens because you have to multiply by 1.5. With film, it's an actual 50mm lens.
This is not entirely true, atleast not for canon lenses.

That is only true when you use an EF (Full Frame) lens on a EF-S (Crop Sensor) camera.
For example an EF 50mm 1.8f, is effectively an 80mm on most crop sensor cameras (Xti, XSi, X1i, 40D, 50D, 7D, etc).
But a 18-55mm EF-S lens, is a 18-55mm lens on an EF-S camera.

I'm pretty sure this is the same for Nikons, they just use different codes (FX vs. DX) for their full frame lenes vs. crop.

Either way i think we are confusing the OP, i think all he needs is a LX3 and call it a day.
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