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60km+ wheel shivers


The steering wheel shakes and shivers when I start to hit 62km/h, my mechanic claims it needs a alignment I hope thats it. He checked out the cotrol arms, tie rods etc. Im hopeing it will need alignment and thats that. Next step would be to to get all my pixels back on the speed-o-meter and radio control display.

Also when the car is just siting I feel like the engine isnt doing to well, vibrates and all, pretty scary feeling, I suspect a lot a lot of sludge which I plan on getting rid og it by flushing oil every 1,500km. My engine doesnt sound normal its as if I might just blow...

Oh and I saw a shooting star today outside my window, it was an incredibly bright and long distance shooting star, talk about perfect timeing to look out a window while sitting on the computer haha.

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