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E30 ..?
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Originally Posted by Eurostyle View Post
The car is great! The work done in this project is amazing, but the side skirts are hedious!!! Gleb take those off! lol Front looks nice, what is your plan for the rear?
I happen to like them. But it's more of a function piece...
Plus, they provide some protection in case of "rubbing is racing"
Marginally better solution would have been E30 M3 fenders and modified E30 M3 skirts. But, way more money, to do that, on a 4 door car, for almost no improvement over these skirts. They are a part of a bigger picture.

I am working hard on aero for this car... Stay tuned, for more surprises
My goal is GT-4, (that means, I will have to run 1.36's @ Mosport to be competitive) and with only a 288 cam and headers, I have my work cut out for me (mostly my own driving )
I am debating/educating myself on a right combo of splitter, vents, wing and diffuser... these bricks need all the help they can get in that department.

No bumper in the rear. There is no need for it. What I really need back there, is a good diffuser, but it will be hard, with the spare wheel well and exhaust... we'll see.

I just hope Bamby (is what I call her) will be ready by April, so I can test and tune, before the racing season.

Fil, wanna sponsor me?
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