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---Drain the oil obviously before doing this, or it will be VERY messy

---First remove the fly cover that connects to the transmission at the very back part of the oil pan. Mine is held by torx head bolts...

---Next...Take out both steering rack bolts, that hold it to the subframe, but don't move it yet.

---Next, remove all of the oil pan bolts. Mine are all 10mm. Then you will probably have to hit it with a mallet to get it to un-seal...but it may just drop down.

---Next...this is very have to get a flashlight, and look between the gap that the oil pan has made. There is an oil pump connected to the bottom of the block, with 3 13mm bolts i believe. There is also an imput shaft that drives the pump, but you don't really have to worry about will come out with the pump.

---After you get the pump loose....just let it drop into the oil you won't be able to remove it through the gap.

---Now with the pan loose, and moved toward the front of the can slide the rack off it's perch, and let it drop below it's perch. This gives you enough room to remove the pan easily.

---Now with the oil pump clear, and steering rack clear... you should be able to wiggle the pan out of position, and completely free, without much of a strugge. The dipstick tube may get in the way if you hadn't removed that already, so be aware that it may snag the pan.

Just no point in finding an engine hoist...when most people dont have one anyways...and it's faster to do it this way. lowing the steering rack takes 2 minutes....and that's the only step i added.

i cant find the thread i used that had detailed pics.. sorry
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