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It really scares me that your taking so much effort and time to try and push me??

I would say this is boarderline harrasment. Your litterally trying to pick apart everything I say, twist it to make it look bad and so on. And what is with the grammer lessons???

Do I threaten you somehow that your trying to cyber bully someone?

I'll be honest, not like its hard to see, but I don't like you, not sure why, but I have my reasons. I keep them off the board, and I don't try and make you look bad.

Obviously I understand that Max has feed alot of cash into your bussiness and you have somehow done well for a young man of your age with that bussiness. BUt as your not the only person on Max or in general who sells used parts, I would have thought you would be a bit more responasable in the was you treat people, or try and push them around.

I will say I am planning something in april and its right up your bussinesses alley, and someone recently asked if I was going to invite your bussiness to partake even though there is some weird tension online between us. I told them I would as its best for all bmw owners, and club members, and I would do whats best for the enthusiasts.

This is in no way a threat that you may not be invited, My position with the club is one where I must be fair, which is not a problem for me as thats the kind of person I am.

I actually feel a bit stupid and childish that I allowed my self to be dragged into this crap again by you.

Hope one of the Mods or Bruce see's this thread, and deletes it , cause its gotten way outa line, excpecially with the "touched up edited" posted by some people. its really sad that I see one thing in a notiffication email, then log into the thread, and the poster has edited what they have said to make themselve's and others look a certian way.
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