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[QUOTE=Eurostyle;1378622]Where did i get it? How about in your post....unless; i quote "thats not what most everyone wants" has another meaning!

What does me sponsoring have to do with anything? Unless you just have a problem with it! Did i at ANY point say anything related to running things!?? Just because i dont have the same opinion as you (or anybody else), does not mean i "try to run things" or "i'm better then you"...I have the right to express my point of view, just like anyone else! I do so in a respectful way, so no need to get pissy. Just because i dont agree with people, does NOT mean i have anything against them, and there is no need to take anything personal

I wish you all the best with your resolution
P.S if you like to use my name, check my sig for correct spellingQUOTE]

Please help me with my resalution and **** off!!!! MR. FILLUP!!!!!!!!!!

Its funny how things change when your involved...must be an OG thing that a NOOB like me can't get through my skull, like how posts change from notification emails, its like magic. Kinda hard to be honest when you and your friend try to make me look bad....and your realllllllly trying hard!!!

Anyway I just got home after a long long day of a road trip with some friends to Montreal to pick up a M-Tech 2 vert, which sorry to burst you bubble, I didn't buy, I would never buy for anything but what is going to be done to it....oh and its not drive it, anyone need some vert bits and peices???


BTW your getting a little pushy and taking things way to personal for somereason....just let it go, leave people be.....please.
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