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Newer isn't nessessarily better.....

I had the privelege of taking out a new 2010 323i this past week when I had to bring my car in for servicing. I was excited to learn I would have a brand spankin new loaner for the day, that was until I turned her on and the familiar groan of my twin turbos warming up was missing. Apparently this car was made to be a very nice entry level car, good for the cautious, but it disapointed me. I had to remember back to when I first made my decision to buy a certified series, and the most important thing was bang for my buck. I could have bought a 2009 325 or 328 but felt that I would regret it, the 335 had my heart from first purr. Now that I'm back behind the familiar wheel of my black beauty I have the satisfaction of knowing that I made the right decision, although she may have a few more km's on her, the joy I get from driving to the corner store is sure worth it. I take the long way home everyday now that I own a BMW..

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