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They are holding up pretty well actually. At first I had a few issues with the top nut coming loose on the front struts but a little loctite fixed that. They have pretty soft spring rates so they aren't too rough on the street.

I went to the track with Doogee and he took my car out to compare them to his Bilstein PSS. We have the exact same cars basically so it was a fair comparison. He said the Raceland's weren't as responsive, didn't give as much feel and they also were a little unstable under hard braking compared to his PSS. I have Eibach sway bars in my car so I'm not sure how these coilovers are with stock sway bars.

Overall I'd say you definitely get your $371 worth(shipped to my door). Lots of height adjustability, they seem to be holding up just fine though I've probably only put 10k on them. If I were to do it all again I'd probably get PSS9 or something that was adjustable.

The worst thing about Raceland's is telling people on Bimmerforums that you have Raceland's. hahaha
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