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A Little Help From the E36 Community Please

Hi everyone,

I have an E30 that I am working on, but I was thinking of using a part off an E36. Before I go too far, though, I thought I'd enlist the help of my E36 bretheren...

My car is very rough under the rocker panels. I've cleaned it up and cut out as much rust as I could, now I want to cover it over with something even (rather than just painting it, which will cover it, but it will still look uneven).

One thing I was thinking of was using (stock) E36 side skirts. Another E30 used it, they seemed to fit ok, and from what I could see looked ok too on an E30.

Can you guys help me out on a couple of things:

1. What are the dimensions of the side skirts?
2. Are they easy to remove?
3. does anyone have a decent picture of the side skirts so I can see exactly what they look like?

Thanks for your help!


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