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e39 complicated but simple

Hellooo Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,

In the morning today I took for a test drive a bmw e39 1997 6-SPEED, 200km.

I took a seat in the pilot seat and just started to think and stare.

Even though it was cold because I took the bus then walked to where she was
the control buttons caught my attention. Every button looked almost the same.
So Im thinking to myself after I figured everything out BMW is complicated but yet simple if one gets to understand how it works.

Im aware that a e39 suffers from Radiator/cooling problems but Zionsville can fix that.

Last but not least I would like to know and Im sure others would love to know where the main spots are to maintain this type of machinery.

Adresses would be great but also pm's would be advantageous if I can get good deals if the time ever comes when my e39 might require.

I love getting good deals.

Iam a DIYer obvisously, since Im not related to Bill Gates but I never know if one day might come and IDK I just might not know something.


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