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I want to fix up a 325i(s) 2 door.
I don't like the cost of fixin up the M3 motor.
Besides, the buy in on a M3 is a killer.

I've already decided to quite the Volvo project (today anyways) and fix up an e30.

If I were to want to fix up a M3, I'd have to sell 1 of my Porsches. Ain't gonna happen!

Seriously, I want to use M3 box flairs, bumpers, and wing without the extra rear window surround piece and trunk lid. It might be later down the road. M-tech kit at first would be cool until later.

Does anyone sell repro M3 flares? Carbon Fibre would be nice

Have you ever seen that orange Jagermeister e30 with HUGE box flares?

Still dreamin*drunk* ,
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