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Style 32 Repaint

I have some staggered style 32's that are in terrible condition. Apparently the PO had no pride in the appearance of his vehicle (but had all of the service done, with receipts, which is amazing). I am planning on using these just for winter rims, so they don't need to be perfect however I still want them to look nice. As far as I am concerned, anything would be an improvement over the current condition of the rims. The tires on them are almost totally bald cheapo summer tires, so I didn't even have to mask them off.

The process started with lots of scuffing/sanding and existing paint removal. The really curby areas needed a little sanding just to take the roughest part of the edges off. That made a big difference. I can't believe how little the factory paint was adhered to the rim - most of it just peeled off very easily. I mostly used a red 3M pad to rough up the surface for primer. The first coat of primer got sanded a bit to take down the big bumps, then a second coat to even it all out.

I went with Duplicolor black wheel paint. Started off with two light coats, then a heavier one. After letting the paint set up I went over again with a couple of coats of clear, to try to protect them as much as possible from salt. Duplicolor has a wide range of colours available for wheel refinishing. I have matte black on my Jeep, and it looks badass too. I think glossy suits this car better.

Total materials are in the $50 range, with about 3 or 4 hours of time. Way cheaper than buying new wheels, and also way cheaper than getting them powdercoated nicely. As far as I'm concerned a wheel refinishing-caliber project should be done really well, or really cheaply. If they were in better shape from the beginning I might have gone for really well.

I am letting them dry totally before I get my winter tires put on early in the week. Stay tuned for after pics!

Here are the before pics:
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