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Originally Posted by tg07lq View Post
how did you make you make out with the install?
after tearing into my audio i realized the quality of it. its far superior to other OEM equipment. ill be using stock wiring myself.
p.s , post pics?
Hey tg07lg,

Not sure if you are asking me the question but if you are, I just replied to your pm. Sorry for the delay.

To recap my pm:

I ran my wires from the trunk to the new HU down the left side (thanks for your help with that). I tapped into the speaker wires coming off the HU and kept the stock wiring going to the doors.

I've replaced my front speakers with 5.25 components. Since I didn't run new wire to the doors I had to also stuff the crossover for the speakers in the door as well, turned out not to be a big deal.

Right now I'm finishing up the subwoofer box I built and will install it in a couple of days. I still need to find a good location for my amp, it will likely end up vertically against the left driver side.
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