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Originally Posted by Rockblock View Post
Agreed... I just never owned a 4x4 and was wondering if with the xDrive you could get away with all-season tires during winter
My wife drives a Subaru - when we got it I thought we could just drive it on all seasons year round instead of switching summers/winters like I do on the BMW. After the first drive in the snow, it became very apparent that for acceleration, the 4x4is great, but braking was terrible compared to the BMW with snow tires. That is a VERY dangerous combination, the car feels like it has a lot more traction when you get going, gives you a lot of confidence, and the first stop sign i came to, I pretty much blasted right through... because the stopping distance is so much longer than on a car with winters. So I immediately put snows on the Subaru as well. May be fine on all seasons if that's all you drive, but when switching back and forth between cars, the 4x4 Subaru seemed like an accident waiting to happen compared to the BMW on snows, which was slow to get going but easy to stop.
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