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Resetting radio after power is removed or display shows "CODE"
• If the correct code is not entered in the three successive tries, the radio will not accept entry until the radio has been ON for one hour. IMPORTANT: When entering 5-digit code number, be sure to complete sequence number of that 5-digit code. For example: Code No. sequence is 12345 and you mistakenly enter 125 instead of 123, continue the code number sequence of 45 to complete that entry. The radio will not operate and "CODE" will reappear in the display. Re-enter the correct number sequence of 12345 and operation of the radio will continue. NOTE: If an audible beep is heard while entering the 5-digit code, STOP immediately. Begin entering the code again, starting with the first number of the 5-digit code.
• Another solution from Steven V. The local BMW dealer told me that if I turn the ignition key to the number two position and leave all the dash lights on then disconnect the battery for fifteen minutes to a half hour. The system will re-program itself when the battery is connected. It does not say that in the manual or CD rom but it apparently worked fine. Of course the radio had to be recoded again.


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