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so it didnt work lol, funny story soo i went to work and i disconnected it and locked all the doors, and then found out everythings auto matic so i couldnt not open the doors with my keys so i had to call a tow truck but ne ways i tryed the code it still didnt work i have just found out on that range and consupmtion adaptor the code button when u turn the car to the first notch u can press that code button and enter a 4 digit code with the buttons 1000 100 10 1< but the code i got from bmw dealership for my radio part was 35216 which i also tryed and did not work again, i am very confused in, if the code is wrong or where to enter it or if i have to press something or do something special before entering this code, because the way i got the code was taking ther radios serial number to the dealership
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