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Originally Posted by Philboski View Post
Getting a smoke test?

After all of the fun I had with my intake manifold gaskets, I still get the 1175 and some misfires from time to time. New O2 sensors have it running well, aside from that. Going to do the spark plug boots this weekend, and test a theory.......I'll report back on it if it works.

But I know exactly where you are on the car. I have declared my intent to sell so many times now it's silly. But I can't find anything I like as much. One of these days, I'll snap and sell, but....(shrugs)
Yeah, had it checked out and fixed. Apparently the ccv failed (only 40k old), which caused an increase in crank case vacuum, and as a result tore several gaskets (several of which were quite new) which were the sources of the leaks. It's Just money though right
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