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Originally Posted by chromius View Post
I dunno where to start, but just non stop issues within the last 3 or 4 months. Power steering pump, control arms, cooling system crap, plus a bunch of little stuff. And now the latest is a bunch of vac leaks, and a thermostat. And apparently (although I'm not convinced) the vac leaks are coming from the intake mani gaskets, and CCV and something else, even though I just replaced them less than 40,000km ago. It's in getting checked right now. Needless to say I'm pissed, and it's getting to the point of cutting my losses and giving up. But I just don't know.

Getting a smoke test?

After all of the fun I had with my intake manifold gaskets, I still get the 1175 and some misfires from time to time. New O2 sensors have it running well, aside from that. Going to do the spark plug boots this weekend, and test a theory.......I'll report back on it if it works.

But I know exactly where you are on the car. I have declared my intent to sell so many times now it's silly. But I can't find anything I like as much. One of these days, I'll snap and sell, but....(shrugs)
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