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2006 X5 4.4 or 2007 530ix - need advise pls

Hey Folks,

I currently have a 325/e46 that served me well...9 years & 200k km later I decided it's time to get a new(er) car... a 4x4, to help me during the I'm definitely looking at an xDrive...but which one?...

Well, after a long debate, going through 3,5 & X series, I narrowed it down to the following 2: 2006 X5 or 2007 530iX both at around 60k km ...but which one?...they are both comparable in price, the e60 does have the iDrive, and drives very smooth, but the e53 feels more robust, plus I feel that I would need a 4.4 to compensate for the extra weight (I would have loved to get the 2007 X5 w/iDrive, but it's $10-12k more expensive), since this is an X5 forum, I'm wondering how is the reliability with the e53 and what are some of the things that I should be looking out for in terms of failure?...with my e46, other than regular wear & tear, the only big issues I had were with the alternator, water pump & steering rack.

Any help I can get to help me decide, would be greatly appreciated.


The more expensive the car, the cheaper the spare parts should be !

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