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So, to recap.
What I have in e30 parts:

Full plastic bumper swap in RoyalBlau - rebar, covers, shocks, clips, trim $200
Matching front valence $100

Front IX strut housings in great condition with hubs, stock inserts should be replaced - $300

Front IX strut mounts in not bad condition $80
Front IX stock springs in good condition $40
Front IX control arms in good shape, needs one inner bj and one outer for the set - I can have my spares pressed in for extra $$. $150++
Front valence - rock pitted and paint chipped $50

BBS RA 15" wheels with Michelin M+S with tons of tread left. 205/50-15 Black mesh with silver lip. Could use some polish, minor curbage - $350
Also have lots of window switches, window motors, a cluster.
Soon to be parting my 88 5spd IX so send requests. Please don't ask for body panels.

2 Hoods - One weiss and one royalblau - both fair but not super condition
2 Trunk lids - one weiss and one royalblau - both in fair but not super shape
30 ft or so of some SS braided flex shielding, slip over hoses/wires to support/shield/disperse heat - in 2 sizes, but fits lots of dia hose.

Parts I need(keep in mind these are all for an IX):
e36 steering rack swap stuff
H&R springs OR Coilover conversion kit
Volvo lip
Decent battery
Spray stuff for smoking tails
SS braided brake lines
Offset CABs
Unpitted windshield
Smaller than stock steering wheel.
Sunroof crank handle

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