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e30 m30 upgrades?

my car is under construction for the winter and i think ive decided to go with the m30. I was also considering and m50 swap, or building the m20. I have acces to a cnc shop and the owner told me he is willing to make anything for me, as long as i give him the drawing and metal. So the m20 would be ur typical 2.7l stroker, shaved head, larger injectors, custom intake mani, and the throttle body//afm off the m30, markd tunned and maybe cams if my budget allows it. BUT the m50 is just overall newer/more efficient with nicer tranny options. They are all in the same price range to build/swap. Im leaning towards the m30 mainly because when someone asks, i can say theres a 3.5 liter in this bitch. But your welcome to try and change my mind if u see a better option.

lol but now back on topic, my main question is, what are some power upgrades for the m30 (im planning on an N/A motor). Is there room to shave the head down?
-what are my cheapest options for engine mounts/brackets?
-are the tranny ratios from the e34 similar or exact the the tranny off an m20? anyone know of a site showing the ratios?

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