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great looking car man, real clean

i would say go with the s50/52 swap as well, i always find NA more reliable than FI, and if you go that route you can re-build the whole engine (voila, almost brand new e36 m3) without taking your car off the road. Also, the swap is HEAVILY written up so its not a problem, theres also a truckload more parts available for s5x motor than your m20...

m30 is also a common swap, and ive seen v8s etc. in e30 chassis as well....
if we use 260hp as your benchmark -- i would say going almost there (240 crank) with a stock s52 motor all rebuilt would be a better bet than beating the crap out of an m20 to get the same results relying on a turbo... besides, you can always turbo the s52 =D

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